Horse health is very important! Use our online equestrian service directory

As horse lovers we all know that equine health is something fragile. Indeed it is not uncommon for a horse gets hurt or falls ill. In this case it should be called a veterinarian, but who calls? Our directory here present is there to help you. We will resken all the service providers of the equestrian world in Switzerland but also around the world so that you can find the right person to whom your horse entrust!

Osteopaths for horses

Osteopaths do not care for humans. Indeed to ask an osteo specializing in horses care is something very currant in the world of riding. They completely complement the services offered by veterinarians and do a lot of good to our friends the horses when they have a back pain or joints. We have not yet found an interesting osteopath in Switzerland because our list is recent, if you know a good thank you for telling us. We advise you while waiting to go to the Platform horse care 24 that allows to find ostepaths, pensions for horses, equine veterinarians and all other professionals from the Equestrian world online. This is a bit of a platform for classified ads for horses related to the care, health and care of horses in general.

Equine veterinarians

Veterinarians make a lot of years of study before they can exceer their profession. Indeed, it is a very complicated and delicate job. Often it is agricultural veterinarians who take care of horses but not always. Some of them are specialized in horses. If you want a good equine veterinarian in Switzerland we advise you to turn to a clinic specialized in the care of the horses.

Pensions and equestrian center

When you want to take care of his horses, the first provider that must be mandated is equine pension. There are several kinds according to the needs of each owner of each animal. To find the right pension for horse it should be visited several at first. This makes it possible to make his choice knowingly and entrust his horse to a person with whom Feeling passes. Soon here you will find complete lists of equine stables and pensions in Switzerland and throughout Europe. This will allow you to make the right choice and entrust your equidae to the courses near you.

Conscious that our directory of riding professionals is not yet filled We ask you to wait a bit and do not hesitate to share with us your good equestrian addresses so that we can add them to This page so that all the owners of horses and riders can enjoy it, thank you in advance!

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